Due to life’s challenges and adversities you may find that your life’s journey is being blocked and there are obstacles in your way. These obstacles may be trauma, abuse, relationship problems, loss, illness, and addiction, amongst other things. As a result you may be experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, and your relationships may be placed under strain. At times, during life’s many stages, there are specific difficulties that could benefit from guidance and support.

Therapy is an unfolding process that is uniquely adapted for the personal growth and development of each specific client. Effective interventions are drawn from several different psychological approaches, and offers assistance in the changes you want to make.

Therapy provides a safe place to heal and rebalance your life. It offers an opportunity to rediscover your existential vitality, your passion for life, your dreams, ambitions, spontaneity, creativity, curiosity and courage.

Types of therapy offered are:

Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy, including Pre‐marital Counseling, Family Therapy, Personal Growth and Development, Dealing with Life’s Transitions, Career Planning and Assessments, Parenting, Treatment for Relationship Difficulties, Loss and Bereavement, Anxiety, Depression and Mood Disorders, Trauma, Adjustment, Coping with Illness, Stress and Anger.

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