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TraumaCare are leading specialists providing Counselling Services, Psychologists and Play Therapists to individuals, schools and corporates.

Play Therapy is generally used with children aged 3 through to teenagers, it provides a way for them to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. As children’s experiences and knowledge are often communicated through play, it becomes an important vehicle for them to know and accept themselves and other.

Trauma Counselling – A traumatic experience differs from stress or a crisis. A trauma is an experience that is sudden, horrifying and unexpected. During a trauma the person believes that they or others around them will be seriously injured or killed. Counselling is designed to lessen the overall impact of a traumatic event and to speed the recovery process itself. It has been shown that people who talk through an incident eat better, sleep better, remain healthier and have less disruption in their home life.

Psychology – Due to life’s challenges and adversities you may find that your life’s journey is being blocked with obstacles. These obstacles may be trauma, abuse, relationship problems, loss, illness, addiction, depression and anxiety amongst other things. Therapy is uniquely adapted to each person and provides a safe place to heal and re-balance.

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